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”Dr. Lou is phenomenal. He has helped me to transform my life. I look and feel so much better since he’s been my doctor. Not only is he knowledgeable, but he listens and he cares. I have and will continue to refer all my friends and family to him.” - Regina



“Working with Dr. Lou has been fantastic! When we started working together, I was taking about 25 different vitamin supplements – not really knowing why. We were able to reengineer the quantity and quality of my supplement regimen to target the specific needs my body presented. In an ever-changing environment, his guidance is a requirement to help me be the best version of myself possible. I’m still a work in progress, but feeling better than ever thanks to Dr. Lou!” - Julie



“Dr. Lou’s attention to detail, the time given for appointments, and the quality of care are exceptional.” - Chris



“I enjoy Dr. Walters laughing with my son. Dr. Walters is intelligent and amazingly available for questions.” - Jan



“The care I have received at The Source Wellness Center is tailored to my specific concerns and has always resulted in a healthier me. “ - JY



“I have always appreciated the promptness with which I am seen. Dr. Lou respects your time. There is no waiting. I also appreciate that Dr. Lou always listens to the patient.” - Kate



“I would best describe the care I received at The Source Wellness Center as comprehensive. I can address many issues at once. The personalized care and the results have been great!“ - Gina



“I love the personal level that the staff bring. They know your name and your past and are friendly and willing to help out in any way necessary. I also love that Dr. Lou is able to bring a variety of treatment methods to the table when needed!” - CA



“I recently read a Huffington blog post entitled: How to Get Flat Abs, Have Amazing Sex and Rule the World in 8 Easy Steps. It reminded me what Dr. Lou has done for me. I refer all my friends to Dr. Lou. No he’s not Chinese – Lou is his first name. Although it is fitting as he is not afraid of “Eastern” practices and he welcomes me to continue to work with my “Western” medical doctor.


Initially I enrolled in Dr. Lou’s 8-week weight loss program. Three years later I still have regular visits with Dr. Lou, but not for the same reason I enrolled in his program. It’s not about what I weigh, it is about how happy I am.


Even though I lost weight, I found I didn’t have to in order to love myself or to have phenomenal sex. He treated me, my whole person – body, mind and spirit to find the source of my imbalances and beliefs that were no longer serving me. Since working with Dr. Lou, I have completely changed the trajectory of my life – I don’t want to rule the world, but without I doubt, I know I am the change I want to see in the world.


Dr. Lou will forever be on me and my family’s life journey as we continue to expand and experience what it truly means to live in optimized physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being.” - Debra







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