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What conditions and illnesses do you treat?

At The Source Wellness Center we do not treat conditions.  We treat people.  A condition or disease is merely a name given to a group of symptoms.  The name of the condition does not tell your individual story of why you have the symptoms.  Our goal at The Source Wellness Center is to create lasting health, not just symptom management.  True healing cannot occur if we only treat the symptom and not the individual person.


Symptoms are the body’s warning sign of a deeper disharmony preventing proper function. By gently supporting the body to restore communication and biochemical balance between all systems, the body can restore harmony and proper function.  This is true healing and when this happens the symptoms not only go away, you do not need to keep taking anything for them, they do not return, and you do not develop more serious symptoms or conditions allowing you to have a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.


We have successfully treated PEOPLE of all ages with the following conditions (this is an incomplete list):



Acne ADHDAllergiesAnxietyArthritis AsthmaAutoimmune DiseaseBursitisCancer Chronic FatigueColitisConstipationCrohn’s DepressionDiabetesEar Aches Eczema EndometriosisFatigueFibroidsFibromyalgia FluGlaucoma
Graves Disease HeadachesHeartburnHeart Disease HepatitisHigh Blood PressureHypoglycemia Hypothyroidism
IBS InsomniaInterstitial CystitisJoint Pain MenopauseMSObesity OsteoporosisOvarian CystsPMS ProstatitisPsoriasisSport’s Injuries TendonitisUrinary Tract Infections Yeast Infections





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